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Please be very specific on the content that you would like to see modified. The goal of this domain is to not offend anyone in any way possible. If you would like to send an encrypted message using Protonmail, please email me using Protonmail to send the email directly at: 963hybrid(at)

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AMAZON: 000000000000000 (at) protonmail (dot) ch
BTC: 1Dug8K3GHh7sM6DwREkgww5gdpgRZkBqpw
BCH: 1Dug8K3GHh7sM6DwREkgww5gdpgRZkBqpw
BSV: 1Dug8K3GHh7sM6DwREkgww5gdpgRZkBqpw
ETH: 0xebd6dd34ead65d3ec9f222bfc83368e0312a0459
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ETC: 0x8074ab6abf69e78a96a85c00a30452b709d8b520

NOTE: Only for stable coins (below):
Please only send $11 to $12 then email me asking if I received it. Why? I just want to make sure I receive it before one does a larger or smaller donation for the stable coins only (the block explorers are a little confusing for them when they have 0 transactions).
GUSD: 0xa686e01ee958c6fa5ce9dac8a025bb7bda1c377c
TUSD: 0x406b5fa1bb6aacb0afabaacb4128227a67c39704
USDC: 0xda7f96de674c1ccea30eea41e39fb39f99a14ad9
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